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Dr. Tom Preston

Dr. Tom founded Full Circle Coaching and Consulting 20 years ago after he received so many requests from fellow chiropractors asking him to share his secrets of success. His mission is to inspire individuals to the power of authentic expression and help them realize their FULL potential both personally AND professionally. With family as his highest core value, Tom and his wife Shelley have 5 beautiful daughters with strong family traditions.

Dr. Jay Breitlow

Dr. Jay is one of our busiest coaches with his passion to help fellow chiropractors experience a life of intentional success and freedom from the things that block their innate expression. As a former nuclear engineer, he loves the systems that make up success - personally and professionally. Jay lives his active life outside of chiropractic and coaching on the ski hills, running the mountains, and taking family trips to Cabo every 3-4 months.

Dr. Dodie Elkins

Coach Dodie is a part time mom, wife, chiropractor, friend, athlete and coach. When combined they equal a full time life. She’s passionate about helping others regain their health, and live their most ideal life, two roles she accomplishes beautifully through her chiropractic practice. Dodie has a well defined version of what success means for her and lives it daily.

Dr. Frazer Smith

Coach Frazer has been a practicing chiropractor for over 22 years, wearing many hats in the profession serving as a regulator, peer assessor, educator, public speaker, mentor and facilitator for alternative dispute resolution. His greatest satisfaction has been serving people in his family wellness practice where he helps people maximize their health potential and witness’s miracles every day. The joy he derives in helping people make positive changes is what has guided him into coaching. As an active water enthusiast, he lives his own dream with his wife and two children on the shores of Big Rideau Lake in Ontario, Canada.